Multicultural Economic Participation Forum

A comprehensive information platform for entrepreneurship and employment,
with a special focus on culturally-sensitive interpretation.

We are community-driven.

We want to proactively participate economic activities by looking into jobs of the future.

This forum will invite key stakeholders (e.g. State Growth, local councils, Regional Development Australia (RDA) Tasmania, Australian government employment facilitator, industry leaders, employment service providers, training providers, etc.) to be guest-speakers, bringing knowledge to open up people’s minds, inspiring them to analyze the economic vision/landscape of Tasmania, to innovate, and to find their place. All sessions will be supported by culturally-sensitive interpretation when needed. Nine languages (including English) will be supported.

The forum will also connect communities with existing supporting services, making these resources more visible to the multicultural community.

This project aims to be part of the roadmap to economic recovery post-COVID. It is funded by City of Hobart and City of Glenorchy.